UNCONG is a composition reservoir simulator that tackles the difficulties in the simulation of shale oil, shale gas, and CBM reservoirs. It is built to model fractured reservoirs, with state-of-art methods integrated to calculate multi-phase flows in fracture networks.

Embedded Discrete Fracture Method

  • Probably the most user-friendly implementation of EDFM so far.
  • Append fracture coordinates and properties to the original data file. The rest of the data file remains unchanged.
  • All types of connections are automatically detected.
  • Compatible with MINC, MPFA and LGR.

Generalized Prism Grid (GPG)

  • GPG is a pillar based unstructured grid, with data format quite similar to CPG grid.

  • GPG allows faults, horizontal wells, fractures and irregular boundaries.

  • The equivalent well drainage radius is automatically calculated by UNCONG.

  • The GPG mesh generation algorithm of UNCONG is very fast.

Multi-segment Well Model

  • Well tubes are discretized into 1-D segments.
  • Both upward flow and reverse flow can be modeled.
  • Gas slippage is modeled by drift-flux model.
  • The well equations are implicitly coupled with the reservoir equations.

Coupled Fluid and Geo-mechanics

  • Finite element geo-mechanic equation and finite difference reservoir flow equation are implicitly coupled.
  • Mechanic boundary conditions could be fixed loading or fixed displacement.
  • Compatible with corner point grid.
  • Available in advanced version only.

Comprehensive Options for Porous Media Flow Models

  • Surface tension effects.
  • Forchheimer non-Darcy flow.
  • Hysteresis effect.
  • Non instant gas sorption/desorption model.
  • Knudsen diffusion.
  • Full tensor permeability.
  • Multi-continuum (MINC) model.