Production Analysis Software

QUICK is an advanced production analysis suite for unconventional gas reservoirs, including tight gas, coalbed methane, and shale gas. It provides analytical solutions to determine reservoir properties, evaluate completion, and forecast estimated ultimate recovery.

Decline Curve Analysis

Traditional Arps decline and unconventional decline curve analysis methods are implemented to estimate EUR manfully and automatically.

  • Arps
  • Modified Arps with terminal exponential
  • Stretched Exponential model
  • Extended Power-Law model
  • Duong model

Flowing Material Balance Analysis

Uses wellhead production rates and flowing pressures to estimate average reservoir pressure and calculates fluid-in-place using material balance techniques. Monitor well productivity index for early identification of production issues. Key plots include:

  • Agarwal-Gardner FMB
  • Flowing p/Z**
  • Productivity Index


Type Curve Analysis

Type curves for vertical, fractured, and horizontal well models. Determine flow regime and estimate original fluid-in-place, permeability, skin, and fracture half-length, from

  • Fetkovich-Arps
  • Blasingame
  • Agarwal-Gardner
  • Normalized Pressure Integral
  • Transient
  • Wattenbarger (Fractured well only)

Analytical Simulation

Analytically model the following well and reservoir models:

Well and completion types

  • Vertical wells
  • Vertical fractured wells(infinite and finite fracture conductivity)
  • Horizontal wells
  • Horizontal wells with multi-fractures(Composite, Enhanced)


  • Conventional gas
  • Coalbed methane
  • Naturally fractured shale

Reservoir types

  • Homogenous
  • Dual porosity (PSS, Slab, Stick, Layer)

Pressure-dependent models

  • Permeability dependent (Yilmax&Nur, Dobrynin, et al.)
  • Matrix Shrinkage for CBM (Seidle&Hutt, Palmer&Mansoori, et al.)

Permeability anisotropy types

  • Horizontal isotropy (k_x=k_y≠k_z)
  • Full anisotropy (k_x≠k_y≠k_z)

Reservoir boundary

  • Circular (closed or constant pressure)
  • Rectangular (closed or constant pressure)
  • Radial composite (constant pressure, closed outer boundary)

Well location

  • Center
  • Off center