Production Analysis Software —— QUICK

QUICK is an advanced production analysis suite for unconventional gas reservoirs, including tight gas, coalbed methane, and shale gas. It provides analytical solutions to determine reservoir properties, evaluate completion, and forecast estimated ultimate recovery.

- Version based on MySQL database
- Enable language of Chinese
- Adding Water Drive Reservoir model in Simulation module
- Enable to calculate complicated production model in WellBore module
- Adding Muti-Frac Horizontal well and Water Drive well models in TypeCurve module

The latest update time: 2019/5/22.

Unconventional Oil and Gas Simulator

UNCONG is a composition reservoir simulator that tackles the difficulties in the simulation of shale oil, shale gas, and CBM reservoirs. It is built to model fractured reservoirs, with state-of-art methods integrated to calculate multi-phase flows in fracture networks.

The latest update time: 2019/12/16 (Version 2019.2)
New features:

Noticeable updates of UNCONG 2019.2:

1. Pausing and resuming a simulation 支持暂停一个算例
2. Improve the UI layout under 4K resolution 改善了4K分辨率下的界面的布局
3. The 3D visualizer now has parallel projection mode and boxed zoom-in function 三维窗口添加了平行投影模式、框选-放大功能
4. Logarithmic color bar, wrapped isolines, cross/through well section 对数色卡、体等值线、沿/连井剖面
5. 3D display fluency is improved significantly 三维显示流畅度显著提升
6. Curve module can plot more kinds of curves and compare simulated and historical curves 曲线模块可绘制更多曲线、自动计算误差
7. Add the “unit converter” tool 添加了单位转化小工具
8. The black oil model now has better parallel speedup ratio (try SPE10_BO3) 黑油模型有了更好的并行加速比(试试SPE10_BO3)
10. Importing Petrel and Fracman fracture data 导入Petrel和Fracman的裂缝数据
11. The UCPVT module improved the stability of auto-fitting. The UI has improved also. UCPVT模块的自动拟合功能稳定性更好,模块的界面改进

Noticeable updates of UNCONG 2019.1:

1. English and Chinese interface 中、英文界面
2. Enable self-update 软件可以自动更新
3. Well profile drawing 井筒剖面
4. The performance of composition model is greatly improved 组分模型性能提升
5. The PVT analysis tool is fully functional 组分分析工具功能完善
6. Running custom Lua script during simulation 在模拟时运行自定义Lua脚本
7. The UI home page shows more useful information 界面首页显示更多有用信息
8. Importing Mangrove fracture data 导入Mangrove裂缝数据体
9. Batch editing fracture properties 支持裂缝属性的批量编辑
10. RECURRENT data supports "*" in well names/fracture names to refer a batch of wells/fractures 用通配符批量设置井制度或裂缝属性
11. Black oil cases can be saved as ECLIPSE 100 format 黑油模型能保存为ECLIPSE 100格式